Solongo Wandan

Assistant Professor of Political Science
309 Dale Hall Tower 

Curriculum Vitae

Office Hours: Tuesdays, 4 - 6 p.m.

Prior sign-up required (weekly sign-up sheet on office door, DAHT, Room 309). It is mandatory to sign-up on the physical sheet at my office door at least 1 day in advance. Office hours may only be scheduled via email if the student cannot meet during the regular times.

Ph.D., New School for Social Research, 2014
M.A.; M.Phil., New School for Social Research, 2008; 2012
M.A. (Magister), Dresden University, Germany, 2010

Solongo Wandan joined the Department of Political Science at OU in 2014, after receiving her Ph.D. from the New School for Social Research (New York). Dr. Wandan has received scholarships and research grants from, among others, the European University Institute (EUI, Florence), the University of Oklahoma, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes), TU Dresden, and the New School for Social Research. Her research interests are comparative constitutionalism, constitutional and human rights, comparative legal methods, modern democratic theories, social movements, and transitional justice.

Her current research project investigates how new rights achieve that status of constitutional rights. In an upcoming book, she shows that rights innovation takes place through political mechanisms familiar from regular democratic politics such as lobbying, coalition building, and agenda setting. During her extensive fieldwork research in South Africa and Poland, she has collected yet unpublished original sources: protocols of constitutional commission proceedings, constitutional drafts proposed by a variety of interest groups and organizations, as well as original documentation from legal experts and participants in Poland and South Africa. Additionally, she has conducted over 30 expert interviews with crucial elite decision makers, such as former Presidents, Constitutional Court Justices, as well as members of social movements and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), who drafted rights proposals and tried to influence the agenda of constitutional deliberations.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:
“Nothing out of the Ordinary: Constitution Making as Representative Politics,” Constellations, 22 (1), 2015, 44-58.

Book Chapters: 
“Verfassungsgebung Jenseits der Konstituante: Solidarność und die politische Mobilisierung in Polen 1993-1997,” [Constitution Making Beyond the Constituent Assembly: Solidarność and Political Mobilization in Poland 1993-1997] in: Die Verfassung des Politischen: Festschrift für Hans Vorländer, ed. by Andre Brodocz et. al (Berlin: Axel Springer, 2014), with Maik Herold.

“Popular Participation and Constitution Making,” in: Constitution Making in Democratic Constitutional Orders, ed. by Gabriel Negretto, forthcoming, with Gabriel Negretto.

“Procedural Rules and Majoritarian Politics During Constitutional Replacements in Poland (1993-1997) and Hungary (2010-2011),” in: Constitution Making in Democratic Constitutional Orders, ed. by Gabriel Negretto, forthcoming.

“Okulare Demokratie und die Frage nach der demokratischen Ermächtigung” [Ocular Democracy and the Question of Democratic Empowerment”] in: Okulare Demokratie - Der Bürger als Zuschauer, ed. by Dominik Hammer, Marie Kajewski (Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag, forthcoming), with Felix Gerlsbeck.

Book Reviews: 
Ran Hirschl, Comparative Matters: The Renaissance of Comparative Constitutional Law (Oxford University Press, 2014), Journal of Politics, 77 (2), 2015.

Emily Zackin, Looking for Rights in All the Wrong Places: Why State Constitutions Contain America's Positive Rights (Princeton University Press, 2013), International Journal of Constitutional Law, Issue 2 / 2015.

Works In Progress

Book Manuscript: 
Making Rights, Contesting Power: The Drafting of the Bill of Rights in Poland and South Africa. (manuscript in progress)

Journal Articles: 
“Do Citizens Influence Constitutional Content? Mechanisms of Popular  Constitution Making in Comparative Perspective” (under review)

"Rights Discourses and Mobilization in Autocratic Regimes." (manuscript in progress)

Courses Taught

- Comparative Constitutional Politics
- Comparative Justice
- Ph.D. Field Seminar in Comparative Politics
- Governments Around the World
- The Modern-Nation State and Its Challenges
- Modern Democratic Theories
- Historiography