Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) is the preferred graduate degree for public officials and policy analysts. Working adults are well aware that career objectives are likely to be improved with advanced education. However, the demands of work, family and other obligations leave little time for traditional graduate studies. For this reason, the MPA program emphasizes flexibility and accessibility. The MPA provides students with a variety of choices about the time, format, and location of their classes. This degree design helps achieve our goal of blending the quality of a superior educational experience with the flexibility necessary to meet students' needs.

The MPA degree provides students with an understanding and knowledge of government institutions, actors and processes. As a professional program, emphasis is placed on learning the concepts, processes, and techniques associated with conducting society's business. The MPA degree blends the theoretical with the practical dimensions and encourages a broadened scholarly and professional perspective. It also provides an understanding of the role of public administration and public policy in social and political contexts.

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