Justin Wert

Associate Professor of Political Science
228 Dale Hall Tower 



Curriculum Vitae
B.A., Colorado State University, 1996
M.A., University of Pennsylvania, 2001
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2005

Teaching and Research Interests:  Constitutional Law, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, American Political Development, and American Political Thought

Justin Wert is the Associates Second Century Presidential Professor & Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Oklahoma. He completed his BA at Colorado State University (1996) and his MA (2001) and  PhD  (2005) at the University of Pennsylvania. His dissertation, "The Not-So-Great Writ: Habeas Corpus and American Political Development," won the American Political Science Association's 2006 Edward S. Corwin Award. The Corwin prize is awarded annually for the best dissertation in the field of public law.

His book, Habeas Corpus in America: The Politics of Individual Rights, was published by the University Press of Kansas in March 2011. He has published articles in the Stanford Law & Policy Review; the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy; American Review of Politics; PS: Political Science and Politics; Faulkner University Law Review; and several book reviews and chapters in edited volumes. His awards and honors include the Edward S. Corwin Award; OU Athletics Department "Most Inspiring Faculty;" the Miller Center for Public Affairs Dissertation Fellowship (2004-05); the Lynde and Harry Bradley Dissertation Fellowship (2004-05); the Alvin Z. Rubinstein Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching (2002); and the Institute for Humane Studies Hayek Fund for Scholars (2003 & 2005).

His research and teaching interests include constitutional law; civil rights and civil liberties; American political development; and American political thought. Justin and his family were the Faculty-in-Residence in Adams Tower from 2006 to 2010.