Aimee Franklin

Sam K. Viersen, Jr. Presidential Professor
304B Dale Hall Tower

Curriculum Vitae

B.S., Moorhead State University
M.P.A., Arizona State University
Ph.D., University of New York at Albany

Research Fields:  Public Budgeting, Financial Management, and Stakeholder Engagement
Favorite Courses to Teach: Budgeting & Finance, Administration & Society, Making Public Policy

My seemingly perpetual research agenda investigates the areas of public budgeting, finance and financial management with special emphasis on the role of stakeholders in resource allocation decisions. I also like to do short-term “Torn from the Headlines” research to understand more about how well government works or why people think government does not work the way it should. 

I like this kind of research since it draws from the professional experiences I have had leading retail banking and mortgage lending firms in the private sector. It also is informed by the projects I was responsible for while a budget analyst in the Arizona Governor’s Office. These experiences also inform my teaching and public service activities since they demonstrate how policy and administration benefit from research and analysis, planning & performance measurement and policy/program evaluation.

I regularly include graduate and undergraduate students in my research activities. A lot of my job satisfaction comes when students present our research at a professional conference or when jointly authored research publications appear in press. Another great aspect of my job is staying in touch with my students after they graduate, especially when they have questions about how to do something in the real world or want to tell me about how the real world is different from the world of theory we discuss in these ivory towers!

Current Research:  I am preparing a history of budgeting in Oklahoma. It includes special sections on the role of the energy sector in the state's finances, the influence of Indian gaming revenues on Education funding and how "The Oklahoma Standard" might reduce the cost of government for our citizens.


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