Jamie Vaughn
Undergraduate Academic Counselor
DAHT, 207
455 W. Lindsey
Norman, OK 73019

Advising FAQs

Who is the advisor, and how do I get in touch with her?

The advisor is Jamie Vaughn and you can contact her by email (jvaughn@ou.edu) or telephone (405-325-6429).  

Where is the advisor located?

Jamie is located in Dale Hall Tower, Room 207. DAHT is located on the corner of Lindsey and Elm Ave.  Go to the second floor of DAHT to the main office (Room 205).  Once you enter the main office, take a left and Room 207 is at the end of that short hallway.

How do I make an advising appointment?

You can go to https://iAdvise.ou.edu to schedule an appointment. You will login using your 4+4 OU Net ID and password. First select “Department-Level Advising” from the options. Then select “Make Appointment” and select an available appointment time. Once you have selected the date and time, you will be able to fill out specific details about the appointment.

iAdvise will not let me schedule an appointment with the PSC advisor. What do I do?

If you have a double major or dual degree, iAdvise might not let you schedule an appointment with the PSC Advisor. In addition, students who are interested in changing to P SC, but are not currently majors will not be able to schedule an appointment on iAdvise. Please email or call Jamie (jvaughn@ou.edu or 325-6429) and she will be able to schedule an appointment for you.

When will advising start?

Advising for fall semesters begins in March. Advising for the spring and summer semesters begins in early October.

For Spring/Summer 13, advising begins October 8th. The date you are eligible to be advised is based on the number of hours you have completed. The advising schedule for Spring/Summer 13 is:

  • Seniors (90 or more hours) and National Merit and Phillips Scholars: October 8th
  • Juniors (60 or more hours): October 15th
  • Sophomores (30 or more hours): October 22nd
  • Freshman with 24 or more hours: October 29th (if you have less than 24 hours, you need to be advised by University College)

How will I know it’s time to sign up for advising?

The advisor will send an email to your OU email account letting you know you can sign up for advising. You will know approximately three weeks in advance.

I need to cancel my appointment. What do I do?

You can cancel appointments by logging in to iAdvise. During Fall and Spring advising, you must cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance. If you no-show an appointment during this time, you will not be eligible to be advised until all other students have been advised. No exceptions.

How do I determine when I can enroll in classes on Ozone?

On Ozone, go to the “Academics” tab. Under this tab, you will find an area called “Enrollment Tools” and under this section, there is a link to “Enrollment Window and Registration Status”. When you click on this link, choose the correct semester and you will find your “Registration Time Ticket”.  This is the date and time you can login to Ozone and add classes to your schedule.

How should I prepare for my advising appointment?

Please come to your semester advising appointment with a trial schedule as well as a list of any questions you have regarding your remaining requirements. Your advisor will guide you in the selection process, but please come with an idea of what you would like to take the following semester.

Does the advisor have walk-in hours?

The advisor does not have walk-in hours. You can make an appointment on https://iAdvise.ou.edu. If you have an urgent issue, please feel free to call or email to discuss same-day appointments. The advisor will have a very limited ability to see students even on an urgent basis during high advising time (Oct-Nov and March-April).

The class I want to get into is full. What do I do?

You will need to contact the instructor and ask for permission to get into the course. You can email the professor and/or go to the first day of class and explain why you were unable to enroll in the course through the normal enrollment process. Some professors will overenroll courses and others will not.

I want to get into a non-PSC class but I'm getting a stop. What should I do?

Contact the instructor or that department to receive special permission to enroll in the course. The PSC advisor can only give permission for PSC courses.

Can a class count for my major and my minor?

No, a single class cannot double count for both your major and minor. If you would like to count a P SC class toward your minor, the course will be excluded from your major and only count toward your minor. (Example: P SC 3703 would be excluded from your P SC major work to count for a Constitutional Studies minor.)

Can a class count for two different majors?

No, a single class cannot double count for two different majors. As above, you will need to decide what major you would like the course to count toward and it will be excluded from your other major.

Is the P SC advisor also the Pre-Law Advisor?

No, the Pre-Law Advisor is Angie Gauthier angieg@ou.edu | Phone: 325-5933 | Office: CARN 111.

I am a senior and I want to know what I have left to graduate and what the graduation application process is. Who do I contact?

After you have earned 90 semester hours you will schedule a degree check appointment with the College of Arts & Sciences. Simply login to https://iAdvise.ou.edu using your 4+4 OU Net ID and password and select “College-Level Advising” to schedule an appointment. You can also call the college office at 325-4411 to schedule an appointment.